Cutting Through the Clutter with Drupal

cut through the clutter with drupal
26 Sep 2014

Some of the best things in life are free. One of those things is Drupal, the free, open source content management system we not only use, but swear by, at Winter Creative.

Before we jump ahead to the reasons we favor Drupal over the hundreds of other systems out there, first let’s clarify what CMS is. A CMS web site allows you to manage your web presence even if you have no technical knowledge and no experience with coding or design. Using an uncomplicated CMS like Drupal lets you add, edit and delete elements of your web site quickly and easily.

Why are we hooked on Drupal? It’s simple. Drupal is a CMS that can basically do everything. E-commerce, Blogging, Social networking, Newspaper sites, Promotional sites, and much more. No one would argue that it makes good sense to have lots of tools in your toolbox. But why carry around a monkey wrench, a drill, a hammer and a screwdriver when you can get everything done with one lightweight multi-tool?

With Drupal, gone are the days of using one CMS for your company’s main site, a different one for your company’s blog, and another one for your company’s store. The level of streamlining and standardization that comes with using Drupal frees up valuable resources and reduces costs. One platform for multiple uses helps site administrators and developers cut through the clutter and work smarter.

In addition to being free, another advantage of open source software like Drupal is that it’s continually being upgraded and enhanced by an army of contributing devotee/developers. We get to reap the rewards of thousands of obsessive programmers working to improve the functionality of and adding to the cool features that are already available in Drupal!

We think we are really good at what we do for our clients at Winter Creative. Take a quick journey through our portfolio to see for yourself. But we are on a never ending quest to improve our services, so we can offer more to you. We will never be satisfied with just being really good. Stewart Brand, the iconic editor of the Whole Earth Catalog and founder of the The WELL, one of the oldest virtual communities in existence, said that “Once a new technology rolls over you, if you're not part of the steamroller, you're part of the road.” That statement sums up one of the reasons we’ve become mildly fanatical about Drupal. We agree that it’s much better to be the steamroller. Let us show you.

Justin Winter
Creative Director

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