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using simple animation
26 Sep 2014

The title of this post may strike some as a bit contradictory. After all, websites with moving bits and pieces are perhaps best known for creating user confusion, not preventing it. In the world of web design, fancy looks often belie a site that is, upon closer inspection, downright maddening to use.

cut through the clutter with drupal
26 Sep 2014

Some of the best things in life are free. One of those things is Drupal, the free, open source content management system we not only use, but swear by, at Winter Creative.

content strategy
26 Sep 2014

With the proliferation of the Internet and all of the media associated with it, businesses of every industry are now expected to be online publishers that host engaging websites and social media accounts that simultaneously promote their products and services while connecting with their target audience.

16 Sep 2014

Thinking about writing your first custom module? If so, we have good news: it’s significantly easier than you might expect. So easy, even, that we’ll make you a bet: once you understand the Drupal hooks system, it should take you no longer than 20 minutes (if we lose, you get the right to complain in the comments; if we win, we expect to see a sweet contributed module from you in the next 6 months).